Fire Fire!

A fire alarm at the International Space Station went off last week and it got us thinking, what would happen? Where would you go for the register?

I got caught out by the fire alarm while making toast. I put my bread in the toaster and went off for a quick loo break only to hear the alarm start going off while I was still in the gents!

Klara in Bushey had a similar story when her housemate set the fire alarm off making toast right in the middle of Klara's shower! She had to go out in to the car park with nothing but a towel to cover her modesty!

Karen in Highfield got caught out while trying on a slightly to small onesie in the changing room and Paul got called outside in just his pyjama bottoms in front of his friend's mum!

But Michelle in Hemel had the best story of all, listen again below!

Daniel x

Fire Fire!!