JD Drivestyle

JD Drivestyle

JD Drivestyle are one of the largest driveway and patio company’s in and around Kent. Their team is equipped to handle any sized driveway or patio project. If its brick work, landscaping, fencing, paving, gravel, concrete or tarmac.

Their experienced team is registered and insured to take on any style of groundwork and brick work. They have a large range of machinery allowing us to tackle large and small projects equally as efficient.



There have been many changes in the building sector over the years that their company has been trading. However, the core values of their company are still maintained at the heart of their business.

Simply put, by offering an exemplary service at an affordable cost, using the best materials for the job, they leave (you) the customer, satisfied and ready to recommend them on to your family, friends and neighbours.

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Call Them:
Ashford, Kent: Tel: 01233 367038
Sussex: Tel: 0800 018 4838
Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Tel: 01892 322 038