3 Bodies Found In Dover

1 January 2017, 16:58 | Updated: 1 January 2017, 17:13


The bodies of 3 people have been found at Langdon Cliffs, Dover.

Police were initially called to reports of concerns for the welfare of a man at 2:27pm Sunday afternoon.

Coastguards found the body of a man at the foot of the cliffs.

In the search they also then found 2 more bodies- that of a man and a woman.

Police don't think they're linked to the first man that was found after the alarm was initially raised.

A Kent Police spokesman said:

 "We were called at 2.27pm due to concern for the welfare of a man at Langdon Cliffs, Dover.

Officers attended and the body of a man was subsequently discovered at the bottom of the cliffs by the coastguard.

"During the search the coastguard also discovered the bodies of a second man and a woman.

"Officers do not believe their deaths are linked to that of the first man."

The RNLI are at the scene.

A Search and Rescue Helicopter is working alongside lifeboat crew at the ongoing incident.