97% Of Children Get Into Preferred School

16 April 2018, 09:14

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It's a big day for thousands of families across Kent as they wait to find out what primary school their children will be going to in September.

Kent County Council has found places for 97% of four year olds at one of their preferred places. One in ten have got into their first choice school.

Roger Gough, KCC's Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Education, said: "Following a successful Secondary National Offer Day, officers have continued to work hard to ensure that as many pupils secured one of their preferred Primary schools and we are pleased to see the continued improvement in figures.

"While we are happy to announce that a record low number of pupils needed to be given an alternative school, some families will still be receiving unwelcome news today. These parents can be assured that National Offer Day is just the first stage of offers and many will go on to secure places through waiting lists in the reallocation process and via appeals. A specialist KCC team is on hand to help parents make the most of the options available to them."

Parents who applied online will receive an email after 4pm today (Monday, April 16), indicating which school they have been offered; the timing of the email will depend on their own email service provider.

These parents can also log in after 5pm to view the offer online. Those who applied by paper application form will be sent notification by first class post today.

Parents can accept their school place offers or seek alternatives if they are not happy with their allocation. There are still places available at schools across Kent. This is a direct result of measures taken by the council to manage capacity in line with demand.

For more information on how to join a waiting list and/or appeal go to: www.kent.gov.uk/primaryadmissions or phone the admissions team on 0300 412121.