Another Protestor Jailed Over Dover Demo

16 September 2016, 12:32 | Updated: 16 September 2016, 12:35

A man from Sheerness who joined in when violence broke out during a demonstration in Dover has been jailed for six months.

Andrew Gilbert, of Clyde Street, was filmed throwing objects at opposition protestors at various points throughout the day on Saturday 30 January 2016.
Detectives built up a package of evidence against the 29-year-old prior to his arrest in June after viewing hundreds of hours of footage to identify those responsible for offences committed.
He pleaded guilty to violent disorder and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday 15 September.
He is one of more than 70 people arrested so far, with enquiries into other suspects continuing.
Investigating officer Detective Constable Kirsty Bricknell said: "Andrew Gilbert has expressed remorse for his actions but he should have considered the consequences before getting involved in the first place.
"The people of Dover deserve more than a simple apology and others who may follow in his footsteps need to know how seriously we take such criminal behaviour."