'Boy Racer' Crackdown

7 November 2018, 12:46 | Updated: 7 November 2018, 12:50

Police at Bluewater

It's part of a clampdown on anti-social behaviour in the area as officers continue to clampdown on antisocial behaviour.

Extra patrols assisted by PCSO's are in the area to help tackle a number of problems including large groups of people gathering in supermarket car parks late at night -- to race cars and motorbikes

Under the Road Traffic Act, both officers and PCSOs have the power to issue section 59 warnings to anyone breaking the law.

This means that anyone stopped more than once for offences, risks having their vehicle seized.

The driver will not only have to pay a significant sum of money to get the vehicle returned, but may also face a criminal prosecution.

PC Becky Ballard said: ‘Whilst we appreciate there are people who simply want to meet up with friends and who may have an interest in cars and bikes, we are also very aware of the disturbance and distress caused to local residents as a result of noise and other antisocial behaviour. It is simply not acceptable and I can assure everyone we are working very hard to prevent this from happening.’

PC Ballard added: ‘Last week officers issued two S59 warnings and we will continue to deal with any offences robustly and arrest and prosecute offenders if necessary. Dealing with anti-social behaviour is a key priority for Kent Police, but it is also important that residents continue to report any incidents to us, particularly when they are happening. If possible also take down any number plates.’