Broadstairs Robber Jailed For 13 Years

17 May 2016, 06:47 | Updated: 17 May 2016, 06:50

A man has been jailed for 13 years for a robbery in Broadstairs.

28-year-old Dean Patrick Pitcher of Purfleet in Essex was found guilty of breaking in to an elderly woman’s bungalow in Hopeville Avenue on the evening of 5 November 2013.

83-year-old Florence Hill, who was partially sighted and hearing impaired, was at home in her bungalow watching television at about 7.45pm when she heard some noises outside.

Two men entered her lounge and one of them shone a torch in her face and told her to ‘shut up and stay there’.

The other man then started rifling through cupboards and throwing things on the floor. The men then appeared to leave.

The woman used her walking frame to make her way into the hallway where one of the men pushed her in the chest which caused her to stagger backwards and fall to the ground.

She managed to get help by using her Age Concern pendant. Her son arrived five minutes later.

The thieves had fled with a handbag, two wallets with £80 in cash and credit cards, a blue cash box and jewellery.

Pitcher was arrested in January 2014 after his DNA had been identified on a cigarette butt in the garden where some of the stolen property had been thrown. The second suspect has not been traced.

Pitcher was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on 12 May.

Sadly Florence Hill and her son have both since died, but this was not as a result of the robbery.