Brothers Jailed for Ramsgate Murder

15 July 2016, 07:41 | Updated: 15 July 2016, 07:43

Three brothers have been jailed after they were found guilty of murdering a woman in her home in Ramsgate.

Scott Knight, 24, Adam Knight, 20, and Joshua Knight , 19, were convicted of murder on 14 July following a trial at Canterbury Crown Court.

They were each sentenced to life imprisonment, and must serve a minimum of 23 years.

All three had denied murder in court, however a jury found them all guilty of the charge.

On 17 November 2015, a support worker called police after receiving a call from the defendants' mother to say one of her sons had stamped all over her friend 54-year-old Delyth Andrews.

Months earlier Ms Andrews had allowed her friend to live with her rent-free in her two-bedroomed home in Lorina Road, Ramsgate after she became homeless however with weeks the three sons had moved in too.

The court heard the three brothers had then begun to torment, bully and humiliate Ms Andrews.

On one occasion when asked about a bruise on her face, Ms Andrews confessed that Joshua had slapped her.

During the early hours of 16 November, the victim was in bed when the three brothers attacked her, punching and stamping on her.

In a prolonged attack, lasting several hours, the brothers followed her around the house and took turns performing wrestling lifts and throws on their victim.

She was found later, complaining of back pain, and taken to hospital.

Ms Andrews was taken to Kings College Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

A scan confirmed she had sustained fractures to every rib along her left side, a punctured lung and a fractured pelvis.

Ms Andrews never recovered from the attack and died a month later.

An investigation by Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate found that the three brothers were regularly smoking a psychoactive substance and witnesses reported how things began to deteriorate as a result.

When interviewed by police Scott Knight confessed that they had only stopped the attack because they were too tired to continue and left her so they could go to bed.

All three brothers tried to suggest the other two had been the main offenders.

Senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Nick Gossett said: "This case was truly horrific. The brothers took advantage of the victim's generous nature, they moved in and turned her into a prisoner in her own home.

"They carried out a prolonged and unprovoked attack on a vulnerable woman and left her to die.

"Unfortunately for these defendants, their actions on the night spoke louder than any defence they could offer and they have been found guilty.

"My thoughts are with Ms Andrews’ family and friends and I would like to thank them for their support in this case."

 From Kent Police