Election Results In Kent

8 May 2015, 10:42

Here's a list of all the candidates standing in each constituency locally.

Please note, names in bold indicate the winner of each constituency election:


Damian Green Conservative Party

Brendan Chilton Labour Party

Debbie Enever Liberal Democrats

Gerald O'Brien UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Mandy Rossi Green Party



Julian Brazier Conservative Party

Jim Gascoyne UK Independence Party (UKIP)

James Flanagan Liberal Democrats

Hugh Lanning Labour Party

Robert Cox The Socialist Party of Great Britain

Stuart Jeffery Green Party


Chatham and Aylesford

James Gibson Christian Peoples Alliance

Luke Balnave Green Party

Ian Wallace UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Mike Russell English Democrats

Thomas Quinton Liberal Democrats

Tracey Crouch Conservative Party

Tristan Osborne Labour Party



Elizabeth Jones UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Simon Beard Liberal Democrats

Andy Blatchford Green Party

Gareth Johnson Conservative Party

Simon Thomson Labour Party

Steve Uncles English Democrats



Charlie Elphicke Conservative Party

Clair Hawkins Labour Party

David Little UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Jolyon Trimingham Green Party

Sarah Smith Liberal Democrats


Faversham and Mid Kent

Hairy Knorm Davidson Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Dave Naghi Liberal Democrats

Helen Whately Conservative Party

Michael Desmond Labour Party

Peter Edwards-Daem UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Tim Valentine Green Party


Folkestone and Hythe

Seth Cruse Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Harriet Yeo UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Andy Thomas The Socialist Party of Great Britain

Claire Jeffrey Labour Party

Damian Collins Conservative Party

Lynne Beaumont Liberal Democrats

Martin Whybrow Green Party

Rohen Kapur Young People's Party YPP


Gillingham and Rainham

Martin Cook UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Jacqui Berry Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Paul Chaplin Liberal Democrats

Neil Williams Green Party

Paul Clark Labour Party

Rehman Chishti Conservative Party



Anne-Marie Bunting Liberal Democrats

Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi Labour Party

Mark Lindop Green Party

Adam Holloway Conservative Party

Sean Marriott UK Independence Party (UKIP)


Maidstone and The Weald

Gary Butler English Democrats

Allen Simpson Labour Party

Eddie Powell UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Helen Grant Conservative Party

Paul Hobday National Health Action Party

Jasper Gerard Liberal Democrats

Hannah Patton Green Party


North Thanet

Cemanthe McKenzie Independent

Ed Targett Green Party

Frances Rehal Labour Party

George Cunningham Liberal Democrats

Piers Wauchope UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Roger Gale Conservative Party


Rochester and Strood

Dan Burn Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Prue Bray Liberal Democrats

Clive Gregory Green Party

Kelly Tolhurst Conservative Party

Mark Reckless UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Naushabah Khan Labour Party



Alan Bullion Liberal Democrats

Amelie Boleyn Green Party

Chris Clark Labour Party

Stephen Lindsay UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Michael Fallon Conservative Party

Louise Uncles English Democrats


Sittingbourne and Sheppey

Gary Miller Green Party

Gordon Henderson Conservative Party

Guy Nicholson Labour Party

Keith Nevols Liberal Democrats

Richard Palmer UK Independence Party (UKIP)


South Thanet

Prophet Zebadiah Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog

Grahame Birchall Independent

Al Murray Free United Kingdom Party

Craig Mackinlay Conservative Party

Ian Driver Green Party

Nigel Askew The Reality Party

Ruth Bailey Manston Airport Independent Party

Russ Timpson Liberal Democrats

Nigel Farage UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Will Scobie Labour Party


Tonbridge and Malling

Thomas Tugendhat Conservative Party

Claire Leigh Labour Party

Howard Porter Green Party

Mary Varrall Liberal Democrats

Robert Izzard UK Independence Party (UKIP)


Tunbridge Wells

Colin Nicholson UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Greg Clark Conservative Party

Graham Naismith Independent

James MacCleary Liberal Democrats

Kevin Kerrigan Labour Party

Marie Jones Green Party