Chatham: Pair Handed Jail Term For Mistreating Dogs

17 February 2015, 15:07 | Updated: 17 February 2015, 15:10

A couple from Kent have been disqualified from keeping animals after admitting causing suffering to their two dogs.

Keeley Boswell (date of birth 18.9.86), and James Moore (date of birth 29.10.86) of Cromwell Close, Chatham, Kent, appeared at at Medway Magistrates' Court today (Tuesday 17 February). they pleaded guilty to charges under the Animal Welfare Act relating to failure to treat the animals for fleas and skin problems, and failing to address problems of weight in one of the dogs, Bella.

As well as the ban, they were given a custodial sentence of 21 days suspended for six months and made to pay £500 costs and £80 victim surcharge.

The case involved two dogs - Bella, a female Rottweiler, and Rizla, a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier - and relating to severe flea infestation and skin problems suffered by the pair.

The RSPCA was called in July 2014 after concern about the two dogs.

Bella, a two year old female Rottweiler was found emaciated, depressed and swarming with fleas and Rizla, a 10-year-old female Staffy, had a normal body condition but was also covered in fleas with sores all over her legs from biting.

They were both taken into RSPCA care. Bella was rehomed but Rizla was found to have an inoperable tumour so very sadly had to be put to sleep on veterinary advice to prevent further suffering.

RSPCA inspector Caroline Doe said: “These dogs were quite simply not getting the care they deserved.

“Bella had the largest flea burden I have ever seen - she was crawling in fleas - and Rizla was not far behind.

“They were in a great deal of discomfort and their needs just not being taken care of.”