Dartford Crossing Petition goes to Parliament

A petition is being handed into Parliament by campaigners against toll charges

Campaigners against the tolls at the Dartford Crossing are handing a petition to parliament today.

They are against the tolls being in place and say they should be stopped as the crossing has now paid for itself.

Campaigner Lib Dem James says;

 “I welcome that the coalition Government has so far sought to end the congestion caused by the toll barriers.  Common sense finally prevailed with the barriers finally being lifted last month in a time of severe congestion. This petition is aimed as a reminder to Government pen pushers that residents demand that our crossing will not be sold off to a private company in the spending review published in October. Then we can work to build on the progress so far and get rid of the Toll barrier congestion and pollution for good”.   

Demonstrator Chris Taylor commented

“I urge other Dartford residents to join me in attending to demonstrate my years of frustration at having to spend an hour per day Quing something at the toll booths, our demonstrations so far seem to have got the message across so far with the Coalition Govemrent And local MP agreeing the toll booths must go. Us Dartfordians are not going to budge until we remove pollution and congestion affecting our lives

Approaching the tolls at the Dartford Crossing