Disused Office Block In Ashford Now Art Project

1 August 2018, 08:05 | Updated: 1 August 2018, 09:16

artwork ashford

A disused office block in Ashford opens to the public this week after being transformed into a piece of art for the summer.

A giant zip has been created on the side of Brundrett House in Tannery Lane

An artist worked secretly in the dead of night to transform an empty office block into a surreal sculpture.

Alex Chinneck took over the walls of the 1960s building in Kent, adding a giant zip to create the illusion it was revealing the interior.

He spent the night designing Open To The Public, on the side of Brundrett House, Tannery Lane, Ashford.

The latest work is a temporary design only in place for the summer and will open on Thursday.

It follows a string of unusual street sculptures designed to create an illusion, including one which made a stone building in Covent Garden look like it was floating in mid-air.

He said: "I design playful public artworks for everyone to experience and enjoy, turning the everyday into the extraordinary."