Estuary Airport Debate

The Transport Minister and the Mayor of London have both been commenting on the proposals for an airport in the Thames Estuary


The first proposal came from Boris Johnston who proposed a man made island in the Thames Estuary, quickly dubbed as 'Boris island' by opponents.

More recently, the architect, Lord Foster released plans for an Airport hub on the Isle of Grain. Opponents say it would destroy an important wildlife habitat and point there are a number of oil refineries on the Island.

On Friday, Transport Minister, Theresa Viliers said the proposals would be looked at; but only if a study proves that all the runway capacity in the country has been used up. Boris Johnson said the comments proved the government had no clear strategy.

We spoke to the deputy leader of Medway Council, Alan Jarrett. He and the rest of the council have continually opposed the proposals and as you will hear are unhappy that people keep discussing the plans without consulting locals

Alan Jarrett on Estuary Airort