Foam Footballs for Swale Youngsters

Children out playing in Swale during the World Cup are being given foam footballs so they don't damage homes and gardens.

It's after police were called to reports of windows being smashed and plants damaged.

Officers have got together with the local council to get 100 foam footballs to hand out during the tournament.

Daniel Bacon, Street Warden for Swale Borough Council, said: "This initiative is a great example of the Partnerships' work, between agencies, as well as within the community.

"Noise and potential damage are the main issues for residents, and we have found that these balls not only create far less noise but also are far less likely to cause any damage to property.

"The aim is to be enable youngsters to 'have a kick about' whilst still protecting residents' property - so hopefully everyone is happy and can enjoy their summer."

PCSO Sarah Bodiam added, "We encourage tolerance by residents and consideration by players. We continue to work with the Council and community to find workable and practical solutions that everyone is happy with."