Gillingham Torture Couple Jailed

8 October 2016, 08:32

A couple who lured a man into a flat in Gillingham where they tied him up and tortured him have been jailed.

Luke Emerson, 24, of Gillingham Road, Gillingham, was sentenced to four-and-a half years, while Emma Brown, 18, of Corporation Road, Gillingham, was ordered to serve 27 months in youth custody.

Maidstone Crown Court heard how Brown had convinced the victim, a man in his twenties, to go to Emerson’s flat.

Once there Emerson used the victim’s shoelaces to tie him to a chair. The victim was then hit with a golf club, had cigarettes stubbed out on him, a bleach solution poured in his mouth and salt put into his ears. He also had hot wax poured on his back.

After five hours the victim was freed but then tied to a bed while both Emerson and Brown ignored him begging to be freed.

He eventually used a knife to cut through the shoelaces and escape.

The judge jailed both Emerson and Brown sentenced for false imprisonment and actual bodily harm.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Jo Kirkham said: "This was a terrifying ordeal for the victim, who had various cuts and bruises as well as a puncture wound to his left knee. He was lucky to escape the flat alive."

A restraining order banning Emerson and Brown from contacting the victim was also imposed for five years.