Graffiti Criminals 'Risking Their Lives'

22 March 2010, 11:21 | Updated: 22 March 2010, 11:43

Police have told Heart that graffiti criminals in Folkestone are putting their lives at risk.

They have found tags sprayed on trains, railway bridges and high buildings in the town.

There is also concern it's causing damage to the appearance of the area and a campaign is underway to clean it up.

Shepway Council's cleansing team are removing graffiti on public land and land owned by the council.

Shepway District Council Community Safety Officer Giles Barnard said:  "We feel it is a great shame these individuals choose to act in a way that spoils the appearance of the district; we at the Community Safety Unit will continue to identify the offenders and assist the police in their prosecution."

Sgt Gerry Meers of the Shepway East Neighbourhood Unit said: "Graffiti criminals are risking their lives, and other people's lives and making the district look ugly.  Graffiti is a crime and costs hundreds of thousands of pounds to clean up. That is why we investigate all reports, share information with our partners and work hard to bring the offenders to justice."

Anyone with information on who could be doing the tags can text 07812 989361 or call the Shepway Community Safety Unit on 01303 853600.

An investigation by Kent Police working with British Transport Police and Shepway Community Safety Unit has already led to three arrests, with court cases expected in the near future.