Gravesend: Man Who Attacked Worker With Hammer Is Jailed

22 April 2015, 15:50

A violent robber who battered a Gravesend Post Office worker with a claw hammer has been jailed for nearly seven years.

Daryl McNamee, 28, of Jenningtree Road, Erith, was sentenced at Inner London Crown Court on on 22 April after he admitted attempted robbery and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He received a sentence of six years eight months for the attempted robbery and three years for ABH, to run concurrently.

McNamee, along with two accomplices, burst into the Valley Parade Post Office in Valley Drive, Gravesend, at around 2pm on 2 July 2013 while the victim, a woman in her 60s, was stocking shelves behind the counter and the Postmistress was inside an enclosed area.

Clad in a boiler suit, gloves and balaclava, McNamee leapt over the counter grabbing the victim around the neck and bludgeoned her twice on the head with a claw hammer. She was violently pushed to the ground where she lay partially unconscious. A second man set about trying to smash the glass partition to the room where another woman was working. A third man acted as lookout at the doorway.

McNamee attempted to smash the glass panel in the access door to the enclosed Post Office area. When this failed he turned his attention to the till and tried to force it open. This too failed and he ripped the till from the counter and dropped it on the victim lying at his feet. Fortunately, a small chair blocked the till from landing on the victim’s head.

The three men ran out empty-handed and made their getaway in an Audi A3 which had been stolen from a burglary in Blackfen, London.

The getaway vehicle was later abandoned a short distance away and the robbers then drove off in a Mercedes, also stolen during the course of a burglary in Croydon. This was later recovered by police.

Officers from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate launched an investigation. A search of the Mercedes car revealed a pair of gloves identical in appearance to those worn by the man who had attacked the victim and the glass door. Forensic examination of the gloves revealed McNamee’s DNA and glass fragments which were later matched to the glass in the door of the Post Office that was attacked.

With this incriminating evidence, McNamee was later charged with the offence. On the 31 January 2014 he appeared at Inner London Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to the attempted robbery and assault.