Heart's Shown Repair Work at Canterbury Cathedral

Heart's been along to Canterbury Cathedral to find out how major repair works are coming along

Heart's been told more than £10.4 million has now been raised in funds to carry out major repair work at Canterbury Cathedral, but that a lot more is needed yet.

The project will take at least another ten years with £2-3 million a year needed to keep the work going.

Current projects include work on the South East Transept containing the twelfth century oculus window, the conservation of the Corona at the East End of the Cathedral, and urgent repairs to the Great South Window, the largest in the Cathedral, where a fall of stone has led to the closure of the Transept to visitors since last July.

Campaign Chairman Richard Oldfield said; "We are completely indebted to all those people who continue to give so generously.  Canterbury Cathedral receives no financial help towards conservation of the Cathedral from either Government or The Church of England and so support from individuals, Trusts and Foundations is absolutely vital.  Passing the £10m mark is very encouraging for everyone - although we still have much further to go!"




Canterbury Cathedral work 2010

These are all the sections of the Cathedral that need repair work