Hose Pipe Ban Begins

5 April 2012, 06:00

The hose pipe ban comes is now in action, with temporary restrictions in force across Kent.

The restrictions come as a result of the last twelve months being some of the driest on records.

Following a warm and sunny March, with under half of the average rainfall for the month, not enough rain water has fallen.

This is why several water companies are now taking matters into their own hands.

Previously, the ban had excluded three groups of people. Those with blue disability badges, those with newly laid turf and over 65's needing to water their gardens were all allowed to use hose pipes despite the restrictions.

Now the only exempt group is blue badge holders after companies have decided that the warm March weather has left no leeway to allow the other groups exemption.

Instructions for the ban include using a hosepipe to wash cars, water gardens or fill fountains, paddling pools and swimming pools.

Advice for how you can help preserve local water supplies can be found on Southern Water and South East Water's websites.

Paul Howells from South East Water says his top tips are "taking short showers instead of baths, turning the taps off whilst brushing your teeth and using dishwashers and washing machines when you have a full load."

He also recommended installing a water butts into gardens to catch any rainwater that we do get.

The bans are expected to remain in place over the summer, when the water supply situation can be further assessed and any other implications can be put in place.

It is hoped that no extra restrictions will need to be enforced, but should this be the case both South East and Southern water have gradual action plans prepared.

Damon Elliott - Southern Water