Huge Sinkhole Blocks Busy Road

29 May 2018, 06:16 | Updated: 29 May 2018, 06:21

Sinkhole in Maidstone

It could be a difficult journey back to work this morning after a huge sinkhole opened up blocking one of Maidstone's busiest roads.

It happened outside Taj Barming on Tonbridge Road yesterday evening.

It's understood some people had to be evacuated overnight as engineers were brought it to assess the damage.
A spokesman for Kent Highways said: "Due to subsidence of the road, the A26 Tonbridge Road Maidstone is being closed between Hermitage Lane & Queens Road.
"The road will remain closed into peak time Tuesday Morning."

It was one of two sinkholes that opened up in Kent over the weekend.

The other was on Bayham Road in Tunbridge Wells.