Fire Crews Urge Footie fans to Stay on the Ball

Kent Fire and Rescue want football fans to stay safe while cooking during the World Cup



In response to figures which highlight a particular risk to those who get peckish after a few drinks, Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is relaunching the musically-flavoured campaign: ‘Stand by Your Pan’. The light-hearted Tammy Wynette inspired viral video will be accompanied by ‘pub’ style quiz sheet that will be handed out by firefighters to shoppers at East Kent’s busiest supermarkets.

In return for answering the quiz questions correctly, fans will receive bottle openers and beer coolers, all branded with safety messages. The intention is to engage football fans so they take on board the serious safety messages that could save their lives.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s (KFRS) Partnership Manager Stuart Tickle said: "For some, there’s nothing sweeter than watching football with a cold beer in hand and their mates by their side all spurring on England. And while we don’t want to dampen the people’s enthusiasm, we’re concerned that the seriously good World Cup deals on booze, barbecue and burgers could result in a recipe for disaster.

"It is so easy to get distracted while cooking – a screaming goal is scored, a player gets sent off, or it goes to nail-biting penalties and you ‘have to’ leave the food cooking. Next thing you know the barbecue’s on fire, but you try tackling it because the alcohol has made you think that you know what you’re dealing with. Trouble is, drunk people are vulnerable, fires are unpredictable and this all too often results in people getting hurt."

Many of the county’s residents don’t realise that:

It can take just two or three breaths for you to fall unconscious from smoke inhalation.

The smell of smoke doesn’t wake up you up. The poisonous gases produced by a fire numb the senses and put you into a deeper sleep

A household fire doubles in size every thirty seconds

"Combine these elements with the effects of alcohol and the chances of escaping from the smoke and flames diminish significantly," explained Stuart. "Drink affects people mentally and physically, increasing their likelihood of having a fire and slowing their reaction times when one breaks out. Survival is dependent on early detection – which means staying on the ball and standing by your pan."

By following the simple fire prevention advice in the short video and supporting literature, KFRS hopes that the county’s football fans will stay safe during the World Cup.

In the meantime, if you’re having a barbecue while the football is on follow these messages to stay safe:

Placed it on level ground where it will not tip over

Keep it away from the house, sheds, fences, garden furniture and overhanging trees or shrubs. Don't put the barbecue where people have to squeeze past it.

Never leave the barbecue unattended

If you are the chef, don’t drink too much alcohol while cooking.

If a fire occurs

Tackling fire is a job best left to professional firefighters. If you discover a fire, get out of the house, shutting the door on the fire if possible and dial 999. Leave your pets, firefighters will rescue them.

If you would like any further information on fire safety during the World Cup, please call the KFRS freephone number 0800 923 7000.