Kent Man Finds Blade in Primark Baby Shoe

A new dad from Folkestone's got in touch with Heart after finding an inch long blade in a baby shoe he bought from the Primark store in Chatham.

33 year old Steve Varley's been telling Heart what happened:

"I decided to go shopping with my 4 day old baby in Chatham. I went into lots of shops and like you do you want to spoil them. Whilst in Primark I saw some glittery shoes 0-3 months and thought they would be good for a bit of fun.

"Later that evening when home I was unpacking the shopping I found the shoes so I thought I will get them ready for him to wear. I took off the tag and the hanger then started taking out the paper from the shoes. The first one was easy but the second one I had to stick my finger into pull it out. I did so and found something prick in my finger but managed to get the paper out. When I looked into the shoe I found a one inch used Stanley blade in the bottom."

Steve called staff at the Chatham branch straight away, but senior bosses only got back to him after Heart got in contact with them on Tuesday.

A spokesman for Primark told Heart:

"Primark is extremely concerned to hear this news from Heart FM and the company is taking urgent action to investigate this issue. The company cannot comment in detail on this complaint until its inquiries are complete, but the company apologises to your listener for any distress this must have caused.

Primark will of course keep your listener informed about the progress and outcome of its inquiries."