Kent Woman Breaks Records

A 33 year old from Birchington in Kent has entered the record books by becoming the first woman to ski solo across the Antarctic, and the first person to do it using muscle power alone.

Felicity Aston reached her final destination on sunday night, 59 days after setting off on the 1,000 mile trek across some of the harshest landscape known to man, all while pulling two sledges which way more than she does.

Her challenge took her from the Ross Ice Shelf, up the Leverett Glacier across the Transatlantic Mountains to the South Pole which she reached a few days before Christmas.

She then continued on across the Polar Plateau to the opposite coast of the continent at the Ronne Ice Shelf and her finishing line at Hercules Inlet.

Felicity, who has been tweeting throughout her trip, said: "I cannot express how happy I am to have finally made it! I prepared for it physically and mentally for a very long time.

"And finally here I am having reached my final destination, having got through some rather severe conditions, but most importantly of all having overcome my own fear. I will never forget this moment, and I’m sure the memory will lead me on to other ventures in the future."