M20 To Re-Open

28 August 2016, 09:28 | Updated: 29 August 2016, 09:25

Highways England says it is confident of re-opening the M20 motorway by 6pm

However it admits it is an 'ambitious' target.

The motorway has been closed since midday Saturday after a footbridge collapsed when it was hit by a lorry carrying a digger.

Workmen have spent the night clearing two damaged HGVs along with the digger and rubble from the pitch that was scattered across both carriageways.

A structural engineer is investigating what is left of the bridge. Kez Leach from Highways England said: "We may be able to re-open the motorway with the remaining section of the bridge in place. It was built in sections and is designed to be free-standing, but that is dependent on the engineer's report"

One person, a motorcyclist in his 50's, was injured. He is being treated in hospital in Tunbridge Wells for suspected broken ribs. Police say it was a mircale no-one was seriouly hurt or even killed.

The M20 is the main route to the Eurotunnel in Folkestone and the Port of Dover.

Local MP Tom Tugenhardt is urging drivers to stay away from the area near the closed section. He said: "The impact is already severe on communities in the local area. Towns like West Malling and Ryarch which are on the secondary roads off the motorway will be severely impacted."


M20 bridge collapse