Man Charged Over Fake Stamps

A Polish man's been charged after trying to smuggle more than 10,000 first class stamps into the UK

31 year old Robert Aleksiejczyk was arrested following a routine stop check when he arrived at the Dover on a ferry from Calais at about on February 14.

Investigators from the UK Border Agency found a total of 10,656 stamps - thought to be worth several thousand pounds - in the boot of his car.

Officers took the stamps to the Royal Mail’s technical experts where they were confirmed as forgeries.

Aleksiejczyk was subsequently charged with being in possession of a false instrument and has been bailed to appear at Folkestone magistrates’ court on 7 April 2011. 

Detective Constable James Leggett said: "Stop checks, whether random or intelligence-led, can result in us finding things like drugs, cash, false documents, stolen vehicles, weapons and illegal immigrants.

"This time it was a large quantity of stamps worth several thousand pounds but they all have the potential to be linked to organised crime or terrorist activity.''

Paul Booth, the UK Border Agency's assistant director in Dover, said: ``This was an unusual detection by our officers. While some might see stamp smuggling as harmless, the money from this kind of smuggling is often recycled into organised crime.
"Our officers are on constant alert to keep drugs, weapons and other contraband out of the country."