Man Jailed for Faversham Stabbing

11 February 2010, 06:05 | Updated: 11 February 2010, 06:51

A 21 year old man has been told he'll spend at least 20 years in jail for murdering his ex-girlfriends new partner.

Rickie Mount from Edward Vinson Drive in Faversham stabbed 19 year old Adam Beaney during a fight at the Recreation Ground in the town in May last year.

During the trial, the court heard there was a history of trouble between the pair. Mount was unhappy about his former partner's relationship with Mr Beaney and they had been involved in a fight in February 2009.

On the night of the murder, Mount had been out drinking with friends in the town before meeting Mr Beaney just after midnight. Punches were thrown and Mount was seen taking a knife from the waistband of his trousers before punching out at Mr Beaney's chest.

The teenager died from a single stab wound to the heart.

Mount's mother, Maxine Liddle from Forstall, Herne Hill, has been given two years in jail for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Maxine Liddle's son's been found guilty

After the murder, the 44 year old took the clothes her son was wearing at the time and left them at a recycling plant in Canterbury. She also broke the knife, burying the blade under a bush on a country lane in Brogdale and throwing the handle into a hedge.

Detective Inspector Lee Whitehead from Kent Police’s Major Crime Department said the success of the case had been due to the swift and thorough investigation by both Major Crime and officers from Mid Kent, working closely together.

“Mount’s life sentence and minimum term of 20 years reflect the seriousness of his crime. In this cowardly attack, he lured Adam Beaney onto Faversham Recreation Ground, armed himself with a knife from his flat and checked Adam was alone before going up and instigating an argument.” he said.

‘During the argument Mount stabbed Adam once in the chest, piercing his heart. Sadly Adam, who was unarmed, died from his injuries shortly afterwards.

’On returning home Mount rang his mother, who disposed of the knife and the clothing he was wearing at the time. Suspended from her job as a prison officer, Liddle admitted lying to the police during the investigation,’ said DI Whitehead.

He paid tribute to Mr Beaney’s family and said: ‘I would like to thank them for their support and restraint during the investigation and subsequent trial.’

He also said the incident showed, yet again, that carrying a knife was not acceptable: ‘This is a sad situation where someone carrying a knife has turned a fight into a murder. The clear message is: Don’t carry knives because people die.’
Adam Beaney’s grandmother also issued a statement following the verdict: ‘Our lives will never be the same since Adam has been taken away from all who knew and loved him. He was a loving and caring, gentle young man and to me, a loving grandson. We would like to thank the police and all who were involved in bringing justice for Adam.”

In sentencing Mount Judge Andrew Patience commented: “This is yet another case where carrying a knife in a public place has led to the death of a young man. I will fix your sentence, to serve as a warning and to deter others from carrying such weapons.”

He added: “The police carried out a thorough and careful investigation and I commend the efforts of the team for their efforts taken in this enquiry.”