Man Thanks Air Ambulance Crews

24 May 2010, 11:37 | Updated: 24 May 2010, 11:49

A man who broke his leg in a kite buggy accident on a Kent beach has thanked the air ambulance crew who were able to get him to hospital.

It happened on Greatstone beach and a land ambulance was struggling to get Glen Jordan, 46, across the sand without causing even more damage.

The air ambulance was able to land on the beach and then flew him to the William Harvey hospital in Ashford where he had surgery.

Dr Roger Alcock described Glen's injury as "one of the worst I have seen".

Glen said: “I had done a lot of damage to my leg and the ambulance crew and coastguard were running out of options.

“It wasn’t safe to move me because of the need to get me over the dunes and the risks that would pose all of us in terms of slipping.

“The air ambulance was called and had to struggle against a heavy headwind but managed to reach us and landed on the beach.

“They were able to give me more pain relief, stabalise my condition, wrap me up and transfer me to hospital.”

“I’m afraid that in my panic and because of pain relief I can’t remember any names of the crew.

“I can remember a male doctor and a female paramedic who both made me feel extremely safe and calm throughout the whole experience. Obviously, there was a skilled pilot there too.

“I could barely see them because of all the sand in my eyes but their touch and voices were a constant reassurance and the smoothness of the flight prevented any further pain or discomfort.”

Glen, a registered nurse who specialises in autism and learning disability, underwent an operation to fit a metal cast on the night of his accident last month (April 11).

But just days later he was back at home and emailing his thanks to the Air Ambulance crew – pilot Peter Driver, Dr Roger Alcock and Critical Care Paramedic Natalie Brodrick.

He told them: “There’s still a long way to go in terms of my recovery and I know that in time you will have gone on to save many other people.

“This most grateful recipient of your fantastic work is now off to the donation pages of your website.”