Christmas Day Burglar Jailed

16 July 2010, 09:28 | Updated: 16 July 2010, 10:20

A Margate teenager who broke into homes while people were visiting family on Christmas Day last year has been jailed.

19 year-old Mark Queen of Heather Close, Margate. stole a television and other electrical items from houses in the Margate area.

He admitted the offences after being arrested.

Queen had attempted to burgle the home of 45-year-old Gary Eyles, but Mr Eyles’s security eluded him and he failed to gain entry, despite causing damage at the property. Mr Eyles commented on the sentence: ‘I am pleased that justice has been done and I hope that the custodial sentence will be a turning point in his life and he won’t do it again. I cannot praise the police enough, they were fantastic. They were quick to respond and followed up my report promptly, they even had forensic examiners at my house looking for evidence. I am impressed with their reaction and pleased that they caught the person responsible.’

Detective Inspector Nick Greenan commented on the case: ‘Queen ruined Christmas for many people last year and now his next one will be spent in prison. This action demonstrates that we will work 24-7 to take prolific burglars off the street and put them before the court.

‘We have a dedicated team at East Kent, led by Sgt. Dan Carter, who specifically target burglars who prey on law-abiding citizens. The team aims to disrupt the lives of these criminals and those who support them.’