Margate: Husband Jailed Over Threats To Kill Wife

21 February 2015, 06:00

A husband who threatened to kill his wife with a large kitchen knife has been jailed for three years and eight months.

Glenn Mills, 48, formerly of Margate, was sentenced when he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday 20 February.

Mills had earlier pleaded guilty to charges of assault by beating, affray and making threats to kill.

The terrifying case of domestic abuse was carried on the evening of 23 July 2014 when Mills had spent the day drinking at home.

When his wife tried to ask him to stop drinking and treat her better, he snapped, and told her to phone the police.

As the victim, who was out in the garden, begged a neighbour to call the police, Mills appeared from the kitchen holding a large kitchen knife. In a horrifying ordeal, he grabbed his wife of seven years around the neck and held the knife to her throat.

He told her: "If I am gonna go down then I’m gonna go down for something worthwhile."

As his wife begged him not to kill her, he tried to push the knife towards her stomach.

Witnessing the attack in the garden, neighbours began to shout at Mills and distract him long enough for his wife to take the knife off him and throw it over the fence.

She then fled to safety and Mills was arrested shortly after.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Barry Carr of Kent Police said: ‘This was a horrendous attack which could have been much worse, but for the strength of the victim.

"She disarmed her husband who was holding a large knife and intent on hurting her that day. She has remained strong since this attack, aiding the investigation. The suspect’s abhorrent behaviour on this day must have been terrifying for the victim and also the witnesses who were also vital in securing a conviction and I would like to thank them. 

"Kent Police is committed to supporting victims of domestic violence and also protecting the wider public from dangerous offenders and I feel this is an indication of this."