Tracey Emin Art in Margate

Here's a picture of the new piece of art by Tracey Emin in Margate.

The pink neon sign that says "I Never Stopped Loving You" is on the front of Driot House on the sea front.

It was unveiled to mark a year until building work finishes on the new Turner Contemporary Gallery in the town.

Tracey Emin, famous for her Turner nominated prize of an unmade bed, grew up in Margate.

Talking about her new work for Margate recently Emin said: "I came up with the idea for this neon for Margate quite a few years ago.

"The first time it was refused by the council. I was very hurt as I felt that my neon was a show of love and affection for the place in which I grew up. And now I'm very happy to see that Margate is welcoming back neon.

"I feel that it's a shame that the Golden Mile has lost its lighted crowning glory, Margate needs neon to bring it back to its former glory. Everyone who is associated with Margate, whether it's their past or their present, should never stop loving Margate. This neon is for everyone that knows that Margate is a truly beautiful place."