Medway Plagued With Potholes

Highways teams are working day and night to fix all the potholes left by the snow.

About 250 have already been filled in during routine inspections.

As well as inspecting all the roads, officers are dealing with reports of potholes from people in Medway. So far around 1,500 problems have been looked at.

You can report any repairs by phoning Customer First on 01634 333333 or by emailing

Medway Council’s Portfolio holder for Front Line Services Cllr Phil Filmer said:

"Due to the large amounts of snow and ice we received, there has been some inevitable damage to the roads. The potholes themselves have been caused by water entering cracks in the roads and these expanding, causing the road surface to break up, the effects of which can often take weeks to materialise.

"This is a problem that has been seen up and down the country, but in Medway we are working tirelessly to ensure people can continue to travel easily and safely around the borough. Medway Council maintains 600 miles of road and we will continue to ensure the most hazardous areas are dealt with as a priority.

"I would encourage any members of the public who are concerned about damages to the roads to contact Customer First and report the issue, so we can get these potholes covered as soon as possible."