Number Plate Recognition Technology Used in Kent

They spent a day using number plate recognition technology to catch drivers breaking the law.

Teams were out across the county on Friday (12th March) to catch criminals using the county's road network.

When a vehicle activates a camera, an alert is sent to the ANPR Research Team, based at Kent Police’s Force Communications Centre, who broadcast details to local area patrols who then intercept the vehicle in question.

Kent Police uses around 200 ANPR cameras across the county and has a dedicated ANPR research team who conduct research based on intelligence gathered. The county’s cameras collect approximately 1,200 ‘hits’ a day to alert the ANPR team to vehicles of interest. In-car mobile data terminals are also installed in ANPR intercept vehicles to help officers respond faster and more effectively to intelligence.

Successes of the day of action include:

  • Seven arrests for offences including drugs offences and driving whilst disqualified.
  • 10 vehicles seized for serious driving offences such as driving without insurance.
  • Seven fixed penalty notices issued, 15 summonses and 21 searches

Chief Inspector Simon Black, Head of Kent Police’s ANPR and Air Support Unit, said: “ANPR technology is proving really successful in helping us catch criminals who are using the road networks in Kent and further afield as they go about their criminal activities.

 “This operation was about targeting vehicles based on previous intelligence we had received. We want the public to feel reassured that we are working hard to catch criminals and bring them to justice.  This operation is another example of Kent Police using resources proactively to make the roads in Kent safer for law-abiding road users and pedestrians.”