Olympic Security launch

27 June 2011, 14:57 | Updated: 27 June 2011, 15:08

A year and a month ahead of the start of the 2012 Olympics - the Border Agency and Police have callied on the aviation community to keep an eye out for any unusual activity that could be linked to crime or terrorism

The south east has more than a hundred airfields and landing strips and in some places is just 10 minutes from mainland Europe by light aircraft.

People are being asked to look out for planes landing in unusual places or at unusual times.

Heart has been speaking to Police and The Border Agency. Hear the full interviews here

Goff Hicks is from the Border Agency; DS Chris Hogbren from Kent Police

Goff Hicks on Op Pegasus

DS Chris Hogbren on Op Pegasus


Local people are being asked to look out for the following activities in particular;
• Aircraft of any type which land in unfamiliar areas, possibly late at night or at unusual times with persons or packages being disembarked.
• Aircraft which land without displaying any navigational lighting or which appear poorly controlled
• Aircraft which appear overloaded or which contain people who look out of place, possibly foreign nationals
• Microlights of any sort which contain extra fuel tanks or which appear overloaded with packages
• Unusual questions or behaviour by people who approach flying schools or aircraft hire companies for flying lessons or to hire aircraft. Who are they? What details did they give? Where did they say they were from? How did they arrive?
• People paying unusual attention to aircraft or photographing them
People photographing or asking questions about security cameras, fences, entrances or exits.