Pictures Of Bad Parking Released

Medway Council release pictures of bad parking as a message to other residents

Medway Council has released a series of pictures of bad parking that can be dangerous to other road users - as a message to other residents not to do it.

In total, six images snapped by Medway Council’s CCTV cars in just a few days have been released.

They have told us they do this solely to stop people parking illegally and do not have any targets that they have to meet at all.

Cllr Phil Filmer, the Portfolio Holder for Frontline Services, said:  
“Yet again these images show how a few thoughtless people can make it dangerous and difficult for others.

“You can see from these images that we do need to target drivers that park illegally in Medway and that is why we do this.

“Hundreds of people a year ask us to put yellow lines in their streets to stop inconsiderate and illegal parking and we get dozens of calls a month from residents wanting the CCTV car sent to their street.

“About one fifth of the drivers who receive a fine after being caught by our CCTV cars have illegally parked outside a school, which is a dangerous hazard for children and their parents crossing the road.

“We only target illegally parked cars. Drivers that don’t park illegally, will not get a fine. Those that do, run the risk of getting caught.”

In an survey recently carried out for Medway Councilon, around eight out of ten people said they are in favour of parking enforcement, including the use of the council’s CCTV cars, to reduce road congestion, make roads safer, and to ensure parking spaces are available for residents and shoppers.

In addition to this, the council receives hundreds of applications from members of the public asking for yellow lines where they live as they are fed up with people parking illegally – particularly if they have parked dangerously.

The pictures that Medway Council have released today are:

bad parking pictures medway1.      cars illegally parked on zig-zag lines causing traffic congestion on a busy street.

bad parking pictures medway2.      a hatchback parked on yellow zig-zag lines on a corner outside a school, potentially making it difficult for those turning into the junction to see pedestrians crossing the road, including pupils.

bad parking pictures medway3.      a series of cars double-parked in a busy street, causing traffic disruption.

bad parking pictures medway4.      a Mini-Cooper parked across double yellow lines and a pavement causing a pedestrian to walk into the road.

bad parking pictures medway5.      a van parked on a street corner by a double yellow line and completely blocking the pavement making it dangerous for pedestrians or drivers pulling out of the junction.

bad parking pictures medway6.      a car parked in a bus stop, which means buses may have to stop in the road, forcing passengers to step out into the street and potentially causing congestion.

All of Medway CCTV car operators have to work under strict guidelines and the council would encourage anyone who has a complaint to contact the council's Customer First team on 333333. All complaints are always looked into.

However,  it is not illegal for the CCTV car to park on a double yellow line when it is carrying out its statutory duty if there is no other place to park when doing this.

The law allows for this and the car is exempt from parking restrictions under these circumstances. The council also insists that it must be safe for the CCTV car to park where it has.