Rain Causes 50 Crashes on Kent's Roads

Hearts been told there have been 50 reports of crashes on Kent's roads in the wet weather this morning

Kent Police are urging motorists to travel with caution due to heavy rain fall across Kent.

Between 04:00 and 09:30 this morning (11 June), Kent Police’s Force Contact and Control Centre received over 50 reports of road incidents this morning, compared with 10 for the same period yesterday (10 June) and drivers are being urged to drive according to the conditions to prevent further incidents.

Chief Inspector Andrew Reeves, Head of Roads Policing at Kent Police said: “We have already seen a significant rise in the number of incidents on the county’s roads this morning and I can’t stress how important it is for drivers to adjust their driving according to the conditions they are facing. Reduce your speed and increase the distance between yourself and the car in front of you as stopping distances can double in wet weather. If drivers go through deep puddles they should also test their brakes afterwards to check they are still suitably effective. The heavy rain is forecast to continue for the rest of the day so our plea to drivers to take care to ensure both their own safety, and that of other motorists.”