RSPCA Calls For Animal Ban

Live transport from Ramsgate port has been suspended with immediate effect by Thanet council following a day of horror at the port yesterday when 45 animals died.

This is the latest RSPCA statement

The RSPCA called for an immediate suspension of the live transport of animals from the port after two sheep drowned, two were put to sleep due to injuries and another 41 were shot as they were severely lame.

RSPCA inspector Caz Doe spent more than 15 hours at the port yesterday helping to improve the welfare for the sheep.

She said: "Yesterday was one of my worst ever days at work, it was just horrendous. But this news has made today one of my best. This has been a long time coming.

"I'm thrilled to have been a small part in a massive operation to stop such a cruel and barbaric trade. I?m pleased the sacrifices weren't for nothing."

 Yesterday a lorry loaded with 500 sheep over four tiers was stopped at the port and declared to be unfit to travel due to faults to the vehicle and the sheep had to be unloaded while the transporters tried to get another lorry. It was the same lorry that was declared unfit to travel just last month. It has had two further failures at previous visits.

One sheep had a broken leg and another was also injured and they were put to sleep on veterinary advice. In a further tragedy, sheep were loaded into an area where the floor then collapsed - six sheep fell into water and four were rescued, but two drowned.

A vet then inspected all the sheep and found that a further 41 were lame and so these animals had to be shot.

Two French lorry drivers were arrested at the scene.

RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant met with David Heath, MP, the new Minister of Agriculture, alongside Thanet MP Laura Sandys on Thursday. The minister ordered an immediate investigation and report of the events at the port.

Gavin said :"I greatly welcome this news. Now we need to move to make the suspension a permanent one, not only from Ramsgate but the whole country. It is tragic that it had to happen this way, but the council have made the right decision and we are fully behind them."

 Ramsgate was the only British port currently being used for shipping animals abroad for further fattening and slaughter.
The RSPCA has fought against this trade for well over 100 years.