Sheppey Crossing To Go Back Up To 70

14 December 2016, 12:14 | Updated: 14 December 2016, 12:17

The speed limit on the Sheppey Crossing's going back up to 70mph.

It's been at 50mph while road bosses carried out a safety review, after a mum and son died in a crash.

Highways England will make changes there though; things like average speed cameras and better road markings.

They've unveiled today (Weds) what they're calling, a "package of safety improvements" for the A249. 

It includes improved road markings, illuminated road studs and installing average speed cameras.

In the longer term better fog detection and warning systems will be installed including the installation of new variable message signs.

Highways England divisional director for the south east, Simon Jones said: "Safety is Highways England's top priority. Following a thorough, independent review of its safety, we have decided to reinstate the national speed limit on the Sheppey Crossing. 70mph is a safe speed for the bridge, but there are a minority of drivers who ignore the speed limit whatever it is, which is why we are introducing average speed enforcement over the bridge at the same time.

"We are taking other steps too like better signage and illuminated road studs, all of which will be in place when the speed limit change happens in the spring. And in the longer term we are looking at fog detection and warning systems and variable message signs to improve safety further still. And throughout, we will continue to keep safety on the Sheppey Crossing continually under review."

The package of improvements is due to be delivered by spring 2017.