South Thanet: Pub Landlord On Campaign Trail

3 February 2015, 18:41

Comedian Al Murray has hit the general election campaign trail in his guise as The Pub Landlord

The star - whose creation is famed for extolling the joys of all things British - is standing in South Thanet for his newly-formed Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP) as he bids to beat Ukip leader Nigel Farage for a seat in Parliament.

And today he was launching his bid to win over the hearts and minds of locals by visiting a pub, a brewery and a school in the Kent constituency.

In his trademark burgundy-coloured blazer, he stepped out from a people carrier and told reporters outside Thanet District Council's offices in Margate that his party represented `"rational common sense''.

He then went on to outline some of his pledges, including making Thanet the capital city and bringing HS7 to the area.

On why he chose Thanet, he said: "I heard destiny's call like a trumpet in the far distance and it sounded like it was saying Thanet, so Thanet had to be the place.''

He added: "If I were to win then I would definitely open a pub because I'm going to nationalise pubs if I get the chance.''

Murray scoffed at a question about whether he had a dry January like his political opponent Mr Farage, and spoke of his plans to "demilitarise'' North and South Thanet.

"Why can't North and South Thanet walk in harmony together,'' he said.

Oxford-educated Murray, 46, last month launched an action plan under the guise of his patriotic character in his bid to reach Parliament.

He has included a pledge that the UK will leave Europe by 2025 "and the edge of the Solar System by 2050''.

And he also has ideas on law and order, with a promise to tackle crime by locking up all unemployed people.

On the hot topic of immigration, he plans to stop people reaching the shores of "the greatest country in the world'' by bricking up the Channel Tunnel - with British bricks and using Polish labour.

And in a further bid to win over wavering voters, he promises "1p a pint'', although "crisps will remain at the current price''.

A website has been set up for his campaign, carrying the slogan: "Other parties offer the moon on a stick. We'll do better than that: a British moon on a British stick.''

Murray is standing in a constituency which the Conservative Party won from Labour at the previous election in 2010.

It is already the focus of huge attention due to Mr Farage's decision to stand there as Ukip experiences a surge in support and now has two Parliamentary seats.

Ukip has welcomed the intervention of The Pub Landlord, with a spokesman for the Eurosceptics saying: "At last, serious competition in the constituency.'' And Mr Farage has said: "The more, the merrier.''

Bookmaker's Ladbrokes last month installed the comedian as a 66/1 chance to take the seat, and evens to outpoll the Lib Dems, with Mr Farage remaining the firm odds on favourite to take the seat from the Conservatives.