10 Year Old Arrested After Fatal Crash

A 10 year old boy's arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after rocks were allegedly thrown at a recovery vehicle in Kent

47 year old Mike Baker from Littlehampton in West Sussex died on Saturday after a collision on the A20 near Swanley.

He was riding in a recovery truck after an earlier accident when it ploughed into the back a lorry that had stopped in the road after a stone allegedly thrown by youths shattered the windscreen.

Witnesses said the lorry driver tried to steer to safety but there was no hard shoulder on the dual carriageway.

The tow truck driver was following an ambulance carrying Mr Barker's partner, Sheila Bright, 42, and her pregnant daughter Paige, 17, to hospital after they were involved in a crash on the M25.

Mr Baker died a month before he was due to become a grandfather for the seventh time.

The youngest of his four children, Mitchell Baker, 20, and his partner Amy, 19, said they would call their baby boy Michael in tribute.

His other children Martin, 28, Miranda, 26, and Maurice, 24, have six grandchildren between them who Mr Baker was said to "love more than the world".

Miranda said: "Dad was a hard worker who would do absolutely anything for the people he loved."

A police spokesman said: ``A 10-year-old boy was arrested in connection with the incident and has been bailed while inquiries continue. Police continue to appeal for people with information to come forward.''

Chief Inspector Adrian Futers said: "This weekend a family have lost a loved one.

"This is not the time for people to withhold information out of some sort of misguided loyalty.

"This group of young people were standing at a spot that we frequently send patrols to because youngsters hang around and there have been previous reports of things being thrown at vehicles.

"We want information about everyone who hangs around there and specifically who was there on Saturday morning."

Anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01622 654853 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111