Appeals a Week on from A20 Death

A week after a grandfather was killed on the A20 in Kent police set up a mobile station at the location to get more information

A week on from the death of 47 year old Michael Baker from Littlehampton on the A20 near the Swanley Interchange in Kent, police are renewing their appeals for information.

A mobile police station has been set up in the area, giving people the chance to talk to officers.

DCI Adrian Futers is leading the investigation

Detectives investigating are following a number of lines of inquiry that suggest that shortly before the incident young people were seen throwing stones at vehicles on the same stretch of road. 

The collision involved an articulated lorry and a car recovery pick up truck.   Forty seven year old Michael Baker of Littlehampton, West Sussex, who was a passenger travelling in the recovery truck, died in hospital in London on Saturday from injuries sustained during the collision.  A second man, the driver of the recovery truck, remains in hospital with serious injuries.

Officers believe a group of young people were standing on the grass bank at the side of the road (on the wooded side of the A20, not the town side) at the time of the incident.  This area is accessed via the underpass from Laburnum Avenue on St Mary’s estate.  As the lorry drove (heading towards London) past the young people the driver realised something had hit the windscreen, cab and side of the vehicle and he pulled over to the side of the road. While the lorry was stationary the recovery truck collided with it.

Detectives are appealing for information about the incident, in particular they want to hear from people who know who was at the side of the road that day.

‘This weekend a family have lost a loved one, this is not the time for people to withhold information out of some sort of misguided loyalty,’ said Sevenoaks District Commander, Ch Ins Adrian Futers.

‘This group of young people were standing at a spot that we frequently send patrols to because youngsters hang around near the road and there have been previous reports of things being thrown at vehicles.  We have spoken or will be speaking to the people who we know go to this location but we want information about everyone who hangs around there and specifically who was there on Saturday morning.  I would like parents and carers to ask youngsters where they were on Saturday and come forward if they have information.

It goes without saying that no-one should ever think it is a joke to distract drivers or throw anything at vehicles, sadly one family in particular understand this only too well.’

Prior to the fatal collision the car Mr Baker was travelling in was involved in a collision as it drove onto the M25 at junction 4 in the direction of the Dartford Tunnel (anti-clockwise).  The car was recovered by the recovery truck he was travelling in.

Police are also investigating a report of criminal damage to the windscreen of a white Mercedes Sprinter van travelling along the same section of the A20, going towards the M25, around 10.30am.  The driver of the van reported that the glass was smashed by a piece of stone larger than a tennis ball.

A mobile police station will be located at the corner of Laburnum Avenue and Lynden Way on St Mary’s estate between 9am – 9.30pm for the early part of this week at least.  A team of officers working on the investigation will also be making house to house inquiries will be in the area.  Anyone with information can speak to an officer at the mobile station or alternatively people can contact the incident room for this investigation on 01622 654853.  Callers can also ring Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.  Callers to Crimestoppers do not have to leave their name. Information can also be emailed to