Swanley Burglar Jailed

15 July 2016, 07:46 | Updated: 15 July 2016, 08:09

A Swanley burglar who entered a pensioner's bedroom and put his hands over her mouth to stop her screaming has been jailed.

James Parsons also threatened to smash the woman's head against a wall after he was disturbed inside her home in Mansfield Road, Hextable last year.

Parsons, aged 33, formerly of Lullingstone Avenue, Swanley entered the property through an insecure door in the early hours of 21 December, 2015.

He went into the victim's bedroom and threatened her when she started to scream.

When he covered her mouth the victim bit his hand and then kneed him in the groin.

A relative then entered the room and grappled with Parsons as the victim called police.

Parsons told them both he had been 'running for his life' and claimed there were ten armed men outside who would come in and kill them all, before he then fled the building.

Neither the victim nor her relative were injured in the incident and nothing was reported stolen.

Forensic tests were taken at the crime scene and a blood sample was detected which matched the DNA profile of Parsons.

Parsons was arrested and told police he had been drinking the night before and couldn't remember anything.

At Maidstone Crown Court on 8 July Parsons was sentenced to a total of 5 years in prison: 4 years for burglary and an additional year for a separate case, involving a theft in 2014.

He had previously pleaded guilty to both offences.

Detective Constable Jerry Chapman said: "This was a truly terrifying ordeal for the victim who awoke to find Parsons inside her bedroom.

"She did the right thing by screaming and raising the alarm and thankfully we were able to match Parson's DNA to a small blood spot detected on one of the fingers of the relative.

"People affected by burglary crime are often still dealing with the consequences a long time after the offence has been committed. I do hope in this instance the sentence will at least provide some comfort to the victim.'

From Kent Police