Take Care on Country Roads

There's a warning to drivers about the dangers of country roads - especially in the summer

Nearly two thirds of all fatal crashes happen on country roads.

A 'country roads' campaign has been launched to raise awareness of the need to read the road, see the hazards and not drive to the speed limit.

According to driving experts country roads have many hazards that can include sharp bends, large vehicles, concealed entrances, walkers, cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Posters are going up on the back of buses and a video's been released to show the hidden dangers.

Steve Horton, Road Safety Team Leader says; "Speed is a key factor in all crashes  - if you crash it's because you couldn't stop in time.  If you cannot stop, you're travelling too fast for the conditions.  The faster you crash, the more damage you will do.  Don't take speed to the limit, read the road, see the hazards.'

Watch a video about driving safely on country roads here:


Country Driving Campaign