Teen Website Launched on No Smoking Day

The brand new website aimed at 12-24 year olds is launching on national No Smoking Day.

The website aims so show the realities of smoking, the effects the tobacco industry has on the environment and developing countries as well as interactive resources.

The site also has hard hitting images and video clips made by young people.

Medway has 250,000 residents and almost 27% smoke - that's approximately 65,000 smokers.  According to research more than two thirds of these smokers would like to quit.

The average Medway smoker spends £1000 a year on tobacco.

Julia Thomas, sernior public health manager said; "The website is designed to provide young people with the information and support in the way that they want it."

For more information call Medway Stop Smoking Service on freephone 0800 2346805