Shocking 999 Call Made Public

Police make 999 call public as 2 sent to prison for assault

Two men have been sentenced to 15 months each in prison at Maidstone Crown Court last Friday (10 December) for an unmotivated attack on a newspaper delivery driver in Teynham.

The 34 year old victim sustained severe bruising to his head and lip in attack which took place in early hours of Saturday 8 May 2010 outside the Co-op on the A2 London Road.

The court heard how the victim pulled up in his delivery van and began unloading newspaper supplements, when the two offenders, who had been drinking since the preceding afternoon, demanded a paper from him. They then launched into a vicious attack on the driver who fell to the ground unconscious. After leaving the scene for a minute they then returned and attacked the man for a second time, while he lay defenceless on the ground.

The victim had tried to call the police at the time and the entire attack was recorded by the 999 operator and heard in court during the sentencing. CCTV also captured the entire incident.

Hear the 999 call here


The offenders, 22 year old Daniel Peter Brown of Barrow Green, Teynham and 22 year old Anthony James Brown (not related) of Batteries Close, Lynsted gave themselves up to police after seeing an appeal in the local media.

They both pleaded guilty in court to assault and were given credit by the judge for having come forward for which he reduced both sentences from 3 years in jail to 15 months each after time served.

DC Steve Rees of the Area Major Enquiry Team in charge of the case comments: "This was a particularly nasty assault, on a man who was just carrying out his work at the time. There was no motivation for the attack other than the offenders were heavily intoxicated at the time. I hope this serves as a warning that alcohol fuelled violence will not be tolerated and can have serious repercussions - in this case, being life changing for all those involved.

"It is a testament to the hard work of the Area Major Enquiry Team and the power of the press that these men are now behind bars. I would like to thank the media and the entire investigation team whose efforts have finally brought this pair to justice."

Anthony Brown                                                          Daniel Peter Brown

Anthony James Brown                                 Daniel Peter Brown