Traffic Chaos In Dover Eases

24 July 2016, 18:47 | Updated: 24 July 2016, 19:37

Traffic is now almost back to normal levels after drivers suffered 15 hours of queues on the way to Dover Port.

From Friday some people had to spend the night in their vehicles because of huge queues on the A20/M20 and A2 leading to the Port of Dover.

Yesterday we spoke to one driver who had been making his way to Calais for around 30 hours after getting stuck in the traffic, spending two nights with his wife and two children in their vehicle.

Thousands of water bottles were given out along with some food to try and help people who were stranded and the advice to keep safe was to drink regularly, wear sunscreen, keep vehicles well ventilated and ensure your cars are filled with enough fuel.

The north-bound A20, which had been temporarily closed between Dover and junction 11 is now fully re-opened.

Kent Police have said that traffic has returned to almost normal levels, with delays of around half an hour on he A20 but we are also warned that we're not out of the woods yet. Officers think because of the amount of holiday makers going to Europe, a large volume of traffic is expected over the next couple of weeks.

The delays were caused by heightened security checks at the port by French Authorities but Kent Police working with Highways England, the Port of Dover and other partners managed to minimise delays as much as possible and get traffic moving again this evening.

Motorist who are still heading on their way are advised to take plenty of food and water for a delayed trip as a precaution and check with travel operators before making the trip.

The traffic situation is going to be monitored to make sure any further disruption is kept to a minimum.

Anyone who has an urgent medical issue should call 999 in the case of an emergency and 111 if the matter is not urgent.