Warning Over Distraction Scam

26 May 2010, 08:06 | Updated: 26 May 2010, 12:09

We are being warned about a gang who are distracting shoppers at supermarkets in Kent then stealing their bank cards.

There have been reports if it happening in Folkestone, Dover and Ashford.

Police think the gang, of two men and a young woman, are watching people put their details into chip and pin machines at the checkout, then distracting them in the car park by asking for directions.

The stolen cards have gone on to be used in Essex and London.

Police say the offenders have been described as Eastern European and do not speak very good English.

Acting Inspector Neil Minter said: "Make sure no one can see you enter your PIN whilst in the shop, and beware if anyone approaches you while you are putting your shopping in the car.

"Keep hold of your purse and bag or lock them in your car and remember you can of course say 'NO' and politely refuse to offer help.

"If you see anything suspicious or feel threatened contact Kent Police"