Why Did You Try To Kill Me?

A mother said she wants to come face-to-face with her jailed husband to ask why he tried to kill her by booby-trapping her car with a hand grenade.

Victoria Fabian, 33, says she needs closure after being terribly injured by the explosive planted in a wheel-arch by love-cheat former reservist soldier Nicholas Fabian.

Victoria Fabian, hospitalised after Vigo car exploMrs Fabian - who was six months pregnant at the time - said she could never forgive Fabian, 33, for allowing her and her young son Charlie to get into the doomed Mazda.

Eight-year-old Charlie managed to get out of the wrecked car unscathed and Mrs Fabian eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy three months later.

But after suffering muscle and nerve damage in the blast near the family home in Vigo, Kent, on March 5 last year, she remains in constant pain and still uses a walking stick.

In a moving interview, Mrs Fabian said she feels no anger towards Fabian and revealed she has moved on by finding love again with an old flame.

Nicholas Fabian, convicted of attempted murderA judge who jailed Fabian for life with a minimum tariff of 16 years said he was ''wicked beyond belief'' after he was convicted of attempted murder and causing an explosion likely to endanger life at Maidstone Crown Court in February.

Detectives believe Fabian - who was due to be deployed to Afghanistan - tried to murder Mrs Fabian so he could ''clear the decks'' and set up a new life with his mistress, Jackie Phillips.

Today Mrs Fabian said she wants to confront him behind bars after receiving a letter from him recently in which he apologised to her.

She said: ''Whether I get the answers, I don't know.

''I do want to see him. People say I'm mad but I haven't had that closure. Normally you would have an argument or have that discussion.

''I haven't had that and I want that for closure.''

Describing her emotions when she realised her husband was responsible for the blast, she said: ''My world fell apart.

''It was just devastating. To me, we were happy, we were having another baby and next thing I knew I'm a single parent and I can't move, and I'm six months pregnant.''

She went on: ''I'm not angry with him any more. Anger is not productive. It's just going to eat me up.''

Speaking of her new-found love, she said: ''I have met someone else who is absolutely lovely, somebody who I used to go out with years and years and years ago, so he's been very supportive.''