Wild Cats Go Missing from Kent Animal Park

19 April 2010, 11:34 | Updated: 19 April 2010, 12:20

Three wild cats have gone missing from a wild animal park in Kent.

Keepers at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park near Hythe noticed over the weekend that the two margays and one desert cat weren't in their enclosure.

We're told both species are smaller than domestic cats and are no threat to the public.

They eat rodents and small birds but are nocturnal, very timid and will run away if approached.

It's hoped the animals are still within the parks 400 acres of woodland and will comeback of their own accord at dinnertime.

Neville, our Small Cat Keeper, said ‘These cats look a lot like your pet moggy, but they aren’t used to direct contact with people so will shy away from you if you spot one. I really hope they come home soon.’

An investigation's started to try and find out how the cats managed to escape from their enclosure.

If the cats have managed to get out, anyone who sees them is told not to approach them, but to ring Port Lympne's office on 01303 264152.