10 Everyday Awkward Situations

Bad Hair

You know those awkward everyday situations we all have but never talk about? Well here they are! How many are you guilty of?

1. Realising you're walking the wrong way, so you stop and look at your phone before turning around.

2. Worrying you'll look like a thief if you don't buy anything in a shop.

3. Telling the hairdresser you're happy with your haircut, when really you're not!

4. Dealing with a queue-jumper by fiercely staring at the back of their head.

5. Not quite catching someone's name, so you can never talk to them again!

6. Realising you've gone in the wrong shop, but you need to browse for a bit to be polite.

7. Letting your bladder explode instead of waking up your fellow plane passenger.

8. Seeing someone you know walking just ahead of you, so you stop dead until they're out of sight.

9. Assuring the hairdresser the water temperature is fine, despite feeling your scalp melting.

10. When you put your items on a shop counter, feeling the need to say 'just these please'.