Becky’s 30th Birthday!

James & Becky celebrated Becky's 30th on the show! Here's what happened

22nd February 2016 will forever go down as the day that Becky Ives turned 30. 

So on the show James & Becky celebrated in style. It all began with revealing this AMAZING cake....


 The top of Becky's Cake

 Then we found out these interesting facts about Becky...

  • Her first pet was a guinea pig called Toffee
  • She was the captain of the Netball team and the swimming team at school
  • Her first job was a kitchen washer-upper in a pub
  • She can dive off a 10m dive board
  • She's really allergic to hair dye

Who knew?! 






Then Lukas Graham recorded a Birthday message. 



A huge thanks to everyone who helped us organise the day! 

MKS special events, Herne Bay

Sweet Stuff, Herne Bay 

The Glitter Emporium Ltd, Gillingham 

Couldn't have done it without you.